Month: January 2011

Boost your bust at camp – limited offer

£5 off Shock Absorber bras: limited offer – call us on 01932 863240 today. Ever seen a woman exercising and you just know they need better bust support? There’s no two ways about it, most women need help from a good sports bra at any time. Even for the best-supported among us, the physical action of light exercise …

The Great Outdoors: Life-Changing

New scientific research shows that outdoor exercise is “life-changing”. Jo Barton, who specialises in studying outdoor exercise at the University of Essex, says “Mood is integral to daily life. It strongly influences happiness and how we cope with stress. Exercising in nature lifts your mood and boosts self-esteem. Research shows this is true regardless of …

Keep your resolution this year with warm winter clothes

New Year, new fitness regime. Will you stick to it? Banish any reasons for an excuse: wrap up in Sweaty Betty’s gorgeous winter designs. Warm and weatherproof, stylish and chic they are now offering free delivery on orders over £75. Click here to see their new collection at