We help your staff help your business

We help your staff help your business

So much today is about what people can’t do,
We’re can do people, we help people do”
Daley Thompson

Fit for Business is a series of initiatives which improve sustainable business performance and productivity by harnessing the power of motivation and enhanced wellbeing. Delivered by some of the most empathetic Olympians and trainers in the UK, the core programmes are specifically tailored to the needs of each client.

Fit for Success. The Daley Planet – an ‘in the round’ audience with the world’s greatest all-round athlete. Shared anecdote, inspiration and methodologies for success at the highest level with one of the UK’s foremost sporting heroes.

The One Degree Shift. A forum to explore proven strategies to immediately improve the performance and enhance the wellbeing of staff through workplace exercise, training and nutrition.

Business Boot Camp Based on the highly successful ABC Format, group outdoor exercise proven to improve vitality, change body shape and increase individual self-confidence, strength and endurance over the course of five weeks. Without the need for extensive gym facilities or equipment

We also help our corporate partners get fit for business with;

Sport Coaching and Sport Events
Sport and Team training
Sports and Activity days

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