Why Adventure Boot Camp is the answer

Join the outdoor fitness revolution.

Committed to transforming women’s bodies and minds, Adventure Boot Camp is the answer you’ve been looking for. The results are astounding. Plus, we’ve handpicked beautiful, easy to find, yet discreet locations to exercise in beautiful woodland, fields and countryside without being overloooked by the general public. And we’re expanding fast – look at our current camps. With Kate Staples, record-breaking athlete and former Gladiator, and Daley Thompson, world record decathlete, at the helm, the Adventure Boot Camp workout is the ultimate, fun programme where everyone is successful.

Frequently Asked Questions


So, where can I find a camp? We’re committed to working out in inspiring locations and natural surroundings to get incredible results both for your body and for your mind. Our location portfolio is bursting with beautiful venues: we’ve handpicked exclusive outdoor sites to make for special and extra beneficial workouts. So: be prepared to be inspired, to clear your head of unwanted thoughts and to set yourself up for your day. You’ll have never felt so positive.

 So, how long are the camps for?

Our camps are typically four to five weeks long. You can choose from three, four or five sessions a week. Each sessions is for an hour a day. Everyone is guaranteed great results, and the best thing is that you can go at your own pace: no matter your fitness level, age or weight you will be successful. From being able to run your first ever mile, to being able to do a press up, to achieving a faster time in the marathon you can achieve your own fitness goals on this programme. See what other women are saying here.

Won’t it hurt? Well, no. Unlike other camps, Adventure Boot Camp is suitable for all fitness levels: our workouts are low resistance, meaning that we’re perfect for an injury-free workout, and suitable for those who have had previous injuries. Even Kate Staples, director of the company, has broken her neck in two places, and returned to exercise: as a result, our trainers are trained to know how to deal with all manner and levels of fitness issues.

Having said that, do not expect an easy ride! Whilst low impact, and whilst pain free (yes, pain-free!) you’ll be worked hard throughout your sessions to ensure results! Be prepared to be amazed.



How much does a camp cost? We’re committed to making this as cost-effective and as beneficial for you as possible. Our prices can be found here – they are based on a price per session. Price varies for how many session per week you do and for how long the camp lasts.

How can I fit this around my life? We cater for all types of lifestyle; we fit around you. Whether working mum, school-run mum, or commuter, we hold a camp at a time to suit you. Choose from early morning camps (5.45/6am) or post-school run camps (8.45/9.15am) or after work camps (7pm)  and benefit from starting their day with positive outdoor exercise.

So what results can I expect? This is the ultimate out-of-gym experience that works for women of all

Exercising in the great outdoorsshapes and sizes. We’ll sculpt your body, increase your metabolism and reduce your body fat. You’ll very quickly notice loss of body fat, loss of inches from the mid-section, and a boost in energy levels and self-confidence. Sounds good, right?

And how will we do this? With a fusion of core balance and conditioning, yoga positions, group exercises, short distance jogging, circuit training, obstacle courses, mat exercises and hiking.  So much variety means no session is the same and sessions go very fast. Great results in quick but safe time – what are you waiting for? Start your fitness adventure today.

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