Get Your body back: Run a 5k for charity?

Get Your body back: Run a 5k for charity?

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve taken a break from training and keeping fit.  Let’s be positive, make a plan and focus on the ways to bounce ourselves back into shape.  Getting back into a fitness routine after a break can be scary, especially when you consider that such breaks can cause you to lose 50 percent of your lean muscle mass and cardiovascular strength.  However, if you were fairly fit in the first place you will be surprised how quickly you will bounce back.  I had my third casearian in October in my early forties and It has surprised me how long it has taken this time round for me to be able to exercise and get back into shape.  However,  this last week I had to share at camp that I had dropped over an inch and a half off my waist in one week!!  Fantastic.  It’s all about mind set and a postitive attitude.  Make yourself a goal, a realistic one.  We thrive on that.  Then plan it and put it into your diary.  Then get a friend to train with you or try training in a group environment (seriously it works!).

We have the marathon coming up and I’m sure many of you have been training hard for the big event.  If you fancy training for a marathon but have been out of action for sometime you might like to start with a short term goal such as a 5k.  At our camp we run a timed mile and over the four weeks many ladies drop up to two minutes off their times .  5k is a lovely distance and there are so many wonderful charities to work for and there is no better feeling than completing your first race.    Remember though returning you will be more prone to shin splints and a sore back because of possible muscle inbalances so I would suggest doing a 2 mile walk three times a week for three to four weeks plus some strength training.  Or alternating between walking and running, many clients of mine come to adventure bootcamp not being able to run but by running 30 paces and walking paces your fitness will increase very quickly.  After a few weeks, you will be able to start adding mileage to your runs but still avoiding the hard roads if you can.  At this distance, you won’t have to to put in high mileage, the focus should be on quality rather than quantity.

Make sure that you go and invest in a pair of good running shoes before you start training and make sure when you do enter that first race do a thorough warm up.  Go off at a comfortable pace and if you feel good, pick the speed up and try to pass runners ahead of you.  Keep well hydrated and remember to let your body recover.  Its really important  to  have some rest periods with your training and to keep your training varied.  However, at the top of my list?  To have fun and embrace life.

To your health. kx

5 km beginners; programme

Week one:  Monday rest
Tuesday 3km
Wednesday 3km
Thursday 3km
Fri – sat rest
Sun 3km

Wk 2
Monday rest  Tuesday 6km Wednesday 4 x four hundred m faster pace
Thurs sixkm Friday 5km sat rest sun 6km

Week 3 mon rest tues 5km wed 4 x four hundred fast thurs 3km fri 5 km sat rest Sunday  Wed
Rest  Tuesday 5km Wednesday 4.400m faster pace thurs3km fri 5km sat rest sun 5 km

Week 4 Monday rest tues 5km wed 3 x 1000reps Thursday 3km Friday 5 km Saturday rest Sunday six