Happy Campers – Why the adventure works like nothing else!

Happy Campers – Why the adventure works like nothing else!

I’d like to share an email we had recently. It’s feedback like this that makes it worth getting out of bed (that early);

“I started Boot camp about 9 months ago and I was not in good shape at all. Two years prior to that, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a bi-lateral mastectomy. I lost all of my upper body strength, gained 20 lbs and was feeling very low about myself – a good friend persuaded me to try Adventure Boot Camp.

In my first session, the run was a walk for me, I was barely able to do a few crunches and I could not do one press-up. I just broke down in tears. Kate is a fantastic motivator and has continued to gently push me along with positive reinforcement. It is great to be outdoors with a great group of women, all just basically trying to stay healthy.

It is nine months since that awful morning when I couldn’t do one press-up – now I’ve just done 31 press-ups in a minute! I feel so good about myself, have lost most of the weight that I had put on and I am a happier person because I am back in a body that I feel comfortable in.

Thank you!