Nicki Banks has changed my life – FACT!

Nicki Banks has changed my life – FACT!

Rachel – Stratford-Upon-Avon. July 2009

So, I’ve only totally done it! I’ve officially completed 2 x 4 week Boot Camps. It’s more exercise than  I’ve done in my whole life. Pretty good seeing as I was allergic to  exercise only 3 months ago. I’m a stone and a half lighter, toned all  over and I feel absolutely knock ’em dead, AMAZING. It’s not been  easy, but it’s not been mind breakingly tough either and all that hard
work is 1 million per cent worth it.

I read about Boot Camp in a local advertiser and luckily JUST caught  the start of the June course. I was apprehensive, having been to a few group exercise classes at the  gym, I thought all the women would be fitness fanatics in neon thong  leotards with abs of steel and whip  thin thighs.

The first week was hard. Not, dishearteningly hard but just tough.  It’s a full on hour in all weathers, of basically, variations of  circuit training. Some running, some weights, some toning exercises,  bit more running and most importantly, NO cheography, no dance moves
and NO faffing about.  I found the running hardest, it’s not like we had  to run far, more like short drills – my legs seemed to work but my  lung capacity wouldn’t seem to allow me to do what I wanted to do. I was the worst in the whole group but I felt  encouraged and motivated to get better.

It’s encouraged me hugely to eat well too. I couldn’t bear to undo all my hard work by stuffing a load of  rubbish down.   So, I can recommend it to anyone. Any age, any size, any level of  motivation. Nicki is a total champion. I’ve done over 40 sessions with  her and not ONE session has been entirely like the next. It has all the benefits of personal training with all the motivation of group  exercise. I am fit, I’m thin, and I feel GREAT. Not a neon  leotard in sight, just a great bunch of encouraging girls with  different sized thighs.