“When we stage the Olympics it will inspire people all over the country. It shouldn’t just be about developing Olympians, it should be about giving everyone a positive experience in sport and exercise. They may not end up top-class sportspeople but once you make it a positive experience they’ll want more”

Daley Thompson, BBC, 2008

Schools Programmes

Working with Communities

We have an ambition:

….To get communities feeling healthier than ever ahead of the British Olympics in 2012. Everyone needs a goal to focus on achievement: what better tool than the Olympics to highlight the importance of health and to get communities focused on reconnecting with their minds and bodies.

So how is this being done. Daley is an ambassador of the Olympics 2012 and is working to ensure the full benefit of the event is harnessed to inspire and educate all ages both in and out of the curriculum. Kate Staples, co founder of Adventure Fitness with Daley, also has a huge breadth of experience in raising awareness of sport and wellbeing amongst Britain’s schools and communities and believes passionately about educating and inspiring others to live a healthy life.

Harnessing their extensive experience with businesses, communities and schools around the world, Kate and Daley have combined expertise for a winning formula of world-class training, results-driven programmes and purposeful campaign-led offerings to revolutionise Britain’s health.

What this offers to my school. These bespoke programmes not only offer a structure and syllabus designed by a world-class team of athletes carefully overseen by Kate and Daley, but also offer new revenue streams to the selected hub schools in which they operate. Read more here about our two schools programmes: Athletics Academies adnd Parent Drop Offs.

The programmes are designed for selected  ‘hub’  schools in key regions and are tailored to benefit all participants, both on and off the curriculum, and designed to suit all ages, abilities, sizes and experiences. Kate and Daley have experienced that, given the tools and the guidance, anyone can improve their purpose and wellbeing through inspired exercise and increased activity.

So join us in working together for enduring positive changes to schools, communities and their health. Call us on 01932 863240 today.

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