Shock Absorber

The essential piece of kit!The Essential Piece Of Sports Kit For Women

£5 off Shock Absorber bras – call us on 01932 863240 or speak to your trainer today.

Ever seen a woman exercising and you just know they need better bust support? There’s no two ways about it, most women need help from a good sports bra at any time. Even for the best-supported among us, the physical action of light exercise damages chest ligaments over time. We say prevention is way better than any drastic action later in life!

Shock Absorber bras are the ultimate weapon against sagging. Proven to minimize breast movement and remove any feeling of discomfort, they generally make exercise much more enjoyable. Not only that but their designs are the ultimate in style.

We’re proud to be ambassadors for this leading sports bra brand: we’re offering £5 off the standard price with them –  a great offer. Call us today on 01932 863240 to redeem this offer .

They’ve just celebrated 15 years of providing expert breast support to active women across the UK. Since the brand launched in 1995 they’ve been committed to on-going research into the design and development of sports bras, making them world-class industry leaders.

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