St Lucia Le Sport – This Retreat will not be running for this year. Please keep an eye on the page for further updates.

Headed by Double Gold winning Olympian Daley Thompson and Commonwealth Champion and former Gladiator Kate Staples

Welcome to the most breathtaking and rejuvenating fitness holiday of your life. In this award winning resort, you will be trained by double-Olympian Daley Thompson and Commonwealth champion Kate Staples to get you stronger fitter and inspire you to transform your life.

The retreats will take place in different locations around the resort every day, taking advantage of all that the resort has to offer, using all aspects of the landscape to benefit the workout, as well as to take advantage of the amazing amenities.

The retreats are a blend of cardio and strength training, core strengthening, fitness yoga, short distance running (or walking programme), flexibility, obstacles, skipping and more.

Who can participate?

Anyone! We target anyone between the ages of 20 – 60 but we require the following from you; determination, high levels of participation and a great sense of humour!

The programmes will follow the following general structure:

  • Dynamic warm up – strength work at the mat focusing on different muscle groups each day
  • Cardio work – depending on the fitness of each participant, we will do everything from walking, jogging to fast running
  • Core strengthening, yoga and full body stretch
  • Cool down – heart rate 4 to 1

Each session is different to the next and varies according to personal fitness levels and ability.

Much of the work will be based around the following areas:

  • Core
  • Legs/glutes
  • Pelvic floor
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Cardio
  • Short distance running
  • Obstacle course
  • Games
  • Hikes
  • Power walking
  • Skipping
  • Dynamic warm up with dynamic stretching
  • Cool down
  • Stretching
  • Slowing the heart rate down
  • Control breathing techniques


We like to use skipping ropes, cones, mats, hand weights 1.5-2kg, mini hurdles, ladders and bands. Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be a mix of Yoga and Core Stability.

The Results

During these courses not only does the group have fun and make friends, but also tone up and lose weight. We have had participants who have lost up to 11 inches all over their body!

This Retreat is not running this year, please keep an eye on the website for further updates.

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