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Every month we hear fantastic, heart-warming and motivating stories from our campers on their successes. We want to share a few with you here. Well done to all of our campers an thanks to those who wanted to share their story with all of us.
Here’s to our health!

This success story is from Claire from our Maidstone camp.

I first joined Adventure Fitness in September 2010 and I have been hooked ever since!
The camp sessions have made me much more fitter and more confident reaching my personal goals. This year I took part in the 10K Bluewater run in June. It was an amazing feeling to be part of a group of thousands all competing against the course and aiming for their best time. I was really pleased with myself getting round in 1hr 6mins and 50secs which I am sure would not have been the case had I not been to Adventure Fitness!

Another success story is Sarah from our trainer Paul’s camp in Reigate.

“I have nothing but praise for your camps/ sessions.

When I started my fitness level was very low and I can see that my stamina and strength has improved over the two camps that I have attended. I am hoping that after the next camp it will be even better.

I enjoy the fact that we generally have a different type of activity every time we attend, it stops it becoming boring and tedious. You push us just enough and usually manage to squeeze that last push up or sit up out of us that we think we couldn’t manage.

I dread the running test but afterwards usually feel better – at this last session managed to shave 20 secs off (even though I’m always last in the group).

I enjoy working out in the fresh air and the stretches at the end of the session. Really enjoy the “circuits” sessions- intensive short bursts of activity.

Thanks for all your help and for the motivational e-mails with exercises and nutritional advice which have been useful.

Will definitely be there next camp! – Well done Sarah!

Sandy Russell is from Nicki Banks’ Stratford camp. She says:

‘I started boot camp in September 2010 – thinking to myself that I would probably last a few weeks at the most!  After the first session I honestly thought I would never walk properly again and remembered asking myself “whose idea was THAT!”    33 camps later..  and I can safely say that I am hooked!  Yes it is hard work, fun, healthy, motivating and invigorating all rolled in to one, but I do feel I have achieved (and am still achieving) great things.  No I am not the slimmest, or the fittest – or the youngest (!) member of the group but Nicki is so inspirational and encouraging that your focus is just about getting healthy!  My light bulb moment happened last week when I arrived at camp early and went for my own 800m run around the track before camp started – just because I WANTED to!  Well what more can I say – other than ‘come on ladies – You can do it!’

In this Video, Gunnersbury Camper Ruth talks about her journey and feelings towards her experience on Fran and Leon’s camp. Well done Ruth for your success!

Camper Arriette Reynolds’ journey..

“I started with Adventure Fitness because friends encouraged me to and told me it would be fun. I was reluctant at first having joined and having not lost any weight. I decided to give it a try for a couple of weeks but I thought the results would be “just as they have been in the past”.

I’ve always been an avid walker, walking 4-6 miles on an average of 4 times per week. I could never run or jog but a few steps. After a year at camp I can now run a mile in less than ten mins and my fitness has improved tremendously.  I am much more balanced and flexible than I have been and I feel more energized. The camp has disciplined me to go outside and exercise even if it’s cold as I typically would not do this in the past.

The camps are all structured differently everyday and my favourite is our runs in the park where I marvel at what we can do on tree trunks and park benches. The ladies in the camp are very supportive and a fun group to work with which makes the sessions more enjoyable.

From last February where Arriette did not finish running one mile, to running a 9.54 mile this February, Arriette has come on leaps and bounds. Well done Ariette!

Camper Christine Kimbrell’s story…

Christine started camp because she’d just had her second child and wanted to lose the weight. She says:

“Mentally I wasn’t in a great place when I started camp: as well as having a baby, throughout the first year my dad suffered strokes, my twin sister was unwell and I’d been through a court case which affected my business. If I hadn’t found Adventure Fitness and Nicki, our trainer I don’t know what I would have done.

“Now, over a year after joining I’ve lost over 14 lbs and I’m a size 8. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, I’m 100% focused and I’m training for the London Marathon. Nicki has been a massive inspiration to me.  She is without doubt the best trainer and she’ll make you find levels of fitness you never thought possible. The camps are different every day: not one camp has been the same in one whole year. I’ve made some incredible friends at camp and have found myself again. Thank you for all your support!! Oh, and I got to train with Daley Thompson which was excellent!!”

Thanks and well done Christine!

Camper Jan Enever’s journey..

Jan believes that ‘weight is just numbers, it’s our shape and how we feel that matters.’  She says:

“At nearly 65 and not having exercised for some years, I am proud of myself for having attended all 15 of the 6.30am sessions during the past five weeks. I do struggle with my breathing and stamina but I’m sure that will improve if I keep coming to the sessions. My flexibility has improved already. Several of my friends have noticed a change in my shape; and I have noticed a slackening of what were previously tight clothes. Keep up the sessions and I will be back in size 12 again!
“Everything I’ve achieved so far is through your support and motivation Pip, for which I am extremely grateful. I’m just about to go out to do 30-30-30 around my village lanes! See you Monday at 6.30am.”

Well done, Jan!

Mum of two camper Fiona Flack, 43, from Lower Stoke near Rochester

Fiona joined a gym a year ago but found she needed the motivation of a personal trainer to get her there and to keep her exercising. She gave the gym up, completed a five week course with Adventure Fitness and was amazed at the results.

“I’ve lost weight, inches and my fitness has improved and I’ve found that because I signed up for a set number of days I was motivated to get there, even though I opted for the early morning sessions.

“Once I’m up, it’s a great way to start the day and Pip has such a good way of motivating everyone with fitness and diet advice that I’ve found it really enjoyable.

“It gives me a buzz and makes me feel good about myself and is a great way to start the day. I’m about to sign up for another five weeks because it’s so motivating.”

Camper Nicki Massey’s journey on Debbie Honour’s Stratford-upon-Avon camp..

‘I’ve very recently completed Debbie Honour’s camp and the result was amazing!
‘Having always been very fit, three years ago I broke my back. I became weighty and completely unfit. Enough was enough: I signed up to Debbie’s camp for four sessions a week for four weeks. It was so hard at first, but Debbie was superb. Every class was different so I didn’t get bored. As my body changed so did my habits: I naturally wanted to drink more water, eat little and often, and only wanted really ‘healthy’ foods – salad with meat actually. I had very little desire for puddings, unusually for me!
‘After four weeks I’d lost 7lbs. Two weeks after that I’d lost a total of half a stone. I feel fab; my clothes are looser and for someone who hated running I’m now running about 2 miles.
We start back next week, I can’t wait.” Well done Nicki!

Camper Sarah, from Farnborough

Sarah joined Katie and Stefan’s camp. She says:

“I hadn’t been to the gym for months when I heard about Adventure Fitness.  I couldn’t be bothered to go and do the same classes again and my level of fitness had dropped a lot.  Adventure Fitness sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a go.  And I love it!

“I went 3 times a week for the first month and have carried on going twice a week since.  My fitness has definitely increased although, because of the variety of exercises, each session is still challenging.  It’s doing things that used to get me really out of breath, like cycling uphill, that make me realise how much fitter I am.  And I’ve lost loads of inches too which is a fantastic added bonus.  5 and a half inches in the first month!

“Being outside in the fresh air is great and the morning sessions are the best wake up method I’ve found, a real energiser.  Everyone I’ve met at the sessions has been really friendly and I’ve made some great new friends.

“Thanks Katie and Stefan for your commitment to early mornings and for being fantastic motivators.  “You’re great! Sarah.”

Camper Sian Baddeley, 25 is a beauty therapist from Gillingham

Sian joined Adventure Fitness to lose weight but is now motivated by improving her fitness. She says:

“I was bored with the gym but find that camp really motivates me. I like the fact it’s different every day and that we exercise in a group. The women are all friendly and before I started I was quite daunted and felt I wouldn’t be fit enough to do it but that’s the best thing really – everyone can exercise at their own pace and no-one feels uncomfortable.”

Sian lost half a stone in the first couple of months of doing the boot camp and also inches from various parts of her body.

“I can notice it in my clothing which is a lot looser than it was before and my fitness has improved a lot. At first, doing this was all about losing weight but now it’s about improving my fitness too as I can see what a difference it makes.

“This is like having a personal trainer but more fun as you’re doing it with a small group of like minded women. It’s also so much cheaper than having a personal trainer. I think it’s really good value for money.”

Camper Emma Roberts, from Cobham

‘It’s like going to a party,” said Emma “and I get fit at the same time! What a bonus!” Emma lost ½ stone and eight inches all over her body in a month. She was ecstatic. Well done, Emma.

Christel, from our Cobham Camp

One of our recent campers, Christel, has lost just over 2 stone in weight and has gone down 2 dress sizes since starting camp. She says ‘Camp is never dull or boring like I used to find the gym and I always look forward to each session. I love the fact that I am exercising outdoors and that there is a very good mix of activities. You can go at your own pace but you always feel motivated to see if you can do just a little bit more.’

Well done Christel!

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