Wow! It's snowing!

Wow! It's snowing!


‘With the snow blanket falling to cover our training spaces this week I was reminded how lucky we are to have such a beautiful exercise environment right on our doorstep’

All the more reason to be agog when I stopping  by the coffee shop near our office after training today I heard two ladies behind me in the queue complaining about the gym they belonged to.

“The trouble is,” said one, “since they had that big membership drive there are so many new people that the place is packed and they all seem to arrive at the same time as me. Last night I actually had to queue to get on to some of the machines.”

I was so tempted to turn round and ask them why they felt they could only get fit indoors!

At Bootcamp we exercise outside every day, except when the rain is really heavy, and the ladies who train with us will all tell you that it’s perfectly possible to get fit and stay fit with just a pair of dumbbells, a mat, a pair of running shoes – and access to that great big playground created by nature.

We are seeing more and more evidence that exercising outside helps you to exercise better and feel better. When you are exercising outside your body works harder to regulate its temperature and resist the wind, while you are filling your lungs with fresh air, not someone else’s perfume, cologne or sweat! It really is so inspiring to work out among the trees and hills.

Just ask yourself whether you would prefer to pound away at the treadmill plugged into your iPod in the gym or, like we did this morning, stretch in the sun shining through the trees and then hike through the snow filled wood?

Working out in the open air means you are exposed to natural light, which is our only source of vital Vitamin D. And as your body is forced to work harder to adapt to ever-changing surfaces and contours it helps improve core stability and work that midsection which is the bane of so many women’s lives.
There are so many natural and man-made features which you can use to help you in your workout, stretching against trees, benches, railings or other equipment, and running up and down flights of steps or with the natural rise and fall of the land. You can even alter the intensity of exercises such as sit ups by positioning your mat on level or sloping ground.

Don’t forget the wonderfully energising effect which you get when you work out outside – it’s a feeling you just can’t get in the gym.

And can you remember when you last queued to use your local park or sports field?

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