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Through working with a diverse group of clients over the years, I have come to realise that everybody is unique, each with their own goals and lifestyle.


Reeds Weybridge RFC Sports Club, Whiteley Village

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Women only Bootcamp

Bootcamp With Kate

All women outdoor group fitness training in a beautiful setting at one of our locations in Elmbridge  – Have fun, Get fit outdoors

Reeds Weybridge Rugby club

Tuesday 9.15 – 10am, Wednesday 9.15 – 10am, Thursday 9.15 – 10 am

Limited spaces (10) We offer a bespoke package at my home or yours, please contact me to discuss further.

£15.00 per session, packages available


We ensure everyone can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle & to enjoy their best life possible. Kate Staples Fitness make fitness & nutrition simple to create long-term healthy habits.


  • Small dumbbells 2kg / 4kg
  • A cushioned mat
  • Water
  • Running shoes
  • Layers of clothing and a waterproof jacket

    Each week you will enjoy a different session which means constant variety throughout your fitness journey. At its heart, our sessions are about creating friendships within the group and with the trainers.

    Warm up and running drills

    We always start with a gradual 10 minute warm up to set you up for the session ahead. As the warm up builds, muscles turn on, the body mobilises and the drills condition your mind to focus


    Cardio is all about your endurance capacity and raising your fitness levels by working the lungs and heart. We will burn fat at the same time whilst boosting endorphins, (the feel good hormones!) You will go at your pace and limitation and Kate never shouts!


    The most important factor of Kate’s training is the strength. This is actually the foundation of real fitness gains and as we age it is vital to keep strong and mobile that will make life’s day-to-day functional actions easier and safer. Great improvements will be made here regardless of age. This really is the key to a new you! Over the weeks your muscles will adapt to become more efficient and effective, improving your frame storing more vitamins, minerals and energy.

    Speed & Agility

    Speed and Agility sessions work wonders for the legs of course but also the upper body and core. Controlled speed of movement and balance work brings many benefits and the ability to change direction quickly and safely has many valuable benefits in our daily lives, improves efficiency of movement and can also guard against injury. Each session will educate you about what you are doing to your body and how the benefits work. You’ll learn about recruiting fast twitch muscle fibres and brain boosting, central nervous system benefits of becoming leaner, faster and better balanced.

    Core and Strength

    The core is absolutely central – in every sense – to the body’s optimal functioning. For bending, stretching, rotational and lifting moments we need a good core. By conditioning the four four key muscles in the core we can work wonders for body posture, strength and power moves and general mobility. You will be able to move quicker, with more confidence and also protect yourself from debilitating injury and back pain.

    Mobility and Meditation

    The last 5-10 minutes take the body and mind into a slower pace.


    Autumn Sept 6 Week Bootcamp

    [3 days a week] starts Sept 5th – Oct 20th


    Transform Your Fitness: Join my 3-day/6 – week Bootcamp in Weybridge! Train with us outdoors every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9.15 to 10 am. Expect incredible results, new friendships, and a vibrant kickstart to your wellbeing journey.  Bespoke plans available.  Limited places (10). £15.00 per session [Early bird 215.00 for 18 sessions – offer ends 7th August].

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    £58 pm ( minimum of 3 months)

    Our Unlimited Membership means you can attend as many sessions as you like and get maximum enjoyment and benefits as you reach your fitness goals! The sessions include HiiT, weights, yoga, running, mobility & stretching. It’s a monthly rolling membership and we ask for seven days notice if you wish to reduce to half membership, freeze or cancel.

    For membership flexibility you can purchase a block of 12 sessions which is valid for a three month period from date of purchase. They can be used at any session over that period.

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    £35 pm

    Our special concession rate for students, emergency services and healthcare workers. Unlimited park and online sessions each month, including HiiT, weights, yoga, mobility, running & stretching.

    It’s a monthly rolling membership. We ask for 7 days notice to upgrade to Full membership, freeze or cancel.

    *For full time students only. Requires Student ID Card, please email a scanned copy to

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    1 x Single Session

    £40 pm

    This Membership allows you to join in a class of your choice 1 x per week. It allows you flexibility and means you can keep ticking over nicely and enjoying the group dynamic and social aspects as well as the benefits of cardio, strength and mobility training.

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    Rolling Contract

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    Do you want more flexibility you can purchase a pack of 10 sessions

    £150 (Bootcamp)
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    Would you rather work 1-1 with Kate in the comfort of your home or at her location in Weybridge?

    10 sessions £850
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    1 session in person and online (Zoom or in person) with on-going support

    £450 per month (12 week programme)
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    What are the benefits of Bootcamp with Kate?

    Burn off Stress, Increase Strength , Improve Flexibility , More Energy, Help Relieve Pain, Make New Friendships, Improve Mobility, Bespoke Plans on Back Pain and Joint Hips, Gain Confidence, Work with an Expert, More Motivation, Natural Antidepressant, More likely to Achieve your Goals, Surrounded by a Supportive Coach and Other Women

    Am I fit enough?

    Absolutely! Everyone is just like you and trying to improve their fitness levels. We are there to help you become healthier and fitter. No matter where you start, we will gives modications so it suits your starting fitness level and you can go at your pace.

    What types of exercise will be included in the classes?

    Each class is different and progressive.  Strength training, short distance runs, hills, running drills, games, sports yoga, mobility and on some camps we end with some mindful breathe work and meditation. For complete beginners returning to fitness we offer a foundation fitnesscamp to teach you the exercises and drills.

    What do I need to bring?

    Please bring a cushioned mat to lay on. Please wear appropriate clothing and remember a bottle of water and a small towel in the summer. If you have a light pair of dumbbells, please bring those too.

    Can I try one session?

    Yes! You can purchase a half price class when using the code Congratulations! at checkout. We want to ensure that you are going to enjoy it and benefit from training with us.

    What should I wear?
    When you join you will receive a t-shirt from us. We recommend you wear layers and bring mittens/gloves/hats in the winter months, think skiing 🙂
    What do we do if it’s raining?

    If there is light rain we go into the woods and train using the trees as shelter.  If there is very bad weather we will train inside at the rugby hut.

    What are the facilities at RFC?
    We have a great meeting place, with ample parking, toilets and an indoor facility if the weather is bad. (But Kate likes to teach outdoors as much as possible)
    Am I too unfit to join?
    There are women of all abilities and ages.  We work together, we go at our pace and we improve slowly as a group.  There is no pressure on anyone to run and Kate is very aware of injury rehab after having serious injuries herself.