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Rewarding you while you work out

We want you to enjoy every aspect of camp as much as possible. So we’ve introduced a new pricing structure to financially reward you for putting the hard work in.

You can make significant savings if you book online rather than by cheque, and if you book more than one camp at a time. Or how about booking two camps in a row to turbo-charge your fitness journey? Book four in a row and save even more! Or how about booking one camp with a friend..?

As well as great savings, by booking with us online we’re able to deal with your order request more quickly and keep you updated with any new offers, products, information and exciting health tips to help you reach your goals.

Our pricing
£11.50 per session – pay by cheque
£10.50 per session – pay for one camp by paypal online
£10.00 per session – pay for two camps by paypal online
£9.50 per session – pay for four camps by paypal online

Whatever you want to do, our new pricing system will clearly tell you prices of the whole camp: at every step of the way we will advise you how much your camp is if you pay by cheque or online so you can make the best decision for yourself.

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Overseas retreats

Pricing for our retreat is on application – please call us on 01932 863240 or email us here today!
For more information about our overseas retreats click here.

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