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Through working with a diverse group of clients over the years, I have come to realise that everybody is unique, each with their own goals and lifestyle.


Reeds Weybridge RFC Sports Club, Whiteley Village

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This is Me

This is Me

Hi, I’m Kate Staples (close friends call me Kat). I have been in the wellness and fitness business most of my life. I was a GB athlete, British record-holder in the pole-vault, appeared as ‘Zodiac’ on cult 90s show Gladiators for 6 years and the founder of two businesses. However, I always say that my three children are my biggest achievement and I stand by that!

I’ve also have had the misfortune of some very serious injuries. I broke my neck live on air which abruptly ended my Gladiators career – and years later took my hamstring off my hip bone. So, I know all about rehab and being patient when it comes to getting bodies back in shape! I was lucky never to have had a weight issue, and would irritate friends by mostly getting away with eating whatever I wanted.

However, when I entered the menopause my body changed very suddenly. Literally overnight. My mother died in very traumatic circumstances around the same time and I’m sure that the combination of the increased cortisol levels and my hormone imbalance helped me gain over 2 stone in weight. I felt I had woken up in a different body to the one I had known all my life, which was depressing and confusing. I was tired and constantly craving sugar, despite never having had a sweet tooth before. It was a double whammy – grieving for my mother and for the body I had always been proud of.

Most of the weight went onto my “menopausal middle” and I experienced increased fat and bloating around my waist and back. As a personal trainer, I was blown away by how little information there was for me to turn to.

Through extensive research and trial and error I naturally balanced hormones through my food, nutrients, exercise and lifestyle changes. There are so many changes at this stage in our lives, but I want us to empower those changes and become warriors in our 50’s! My own experience has inspired me to relaunch my fitness offering focusing on women over 40, meeting the specific needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal women. Let’s make a community of like minded, strong women who will embrace this next phase of life and glow with health!

I hope you join us!

Kat x