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Through working with a diverse group of clients over the years, I have come to realise that everybody is unique, each with their own goals and lifestyle.


Reeds Weybridge RFC Sports Club, Whiteley Village

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It isn’t too late to be in the best shape of your life!

What We Do

What We Do

Your journey getting fit with us will be filled with expert coaching, fun, strength training and a big part of this is the camaraderie. The social element is crucial to us and to creating sessions that are always enjoyable, supportive and motivating.

We start every 45 minutes gradually with mobility, gradually building in a combo of strength and short distance cardio.

We are all part of a shared experience and inspire each other. There is no better motivator than success and each one – large and small – is celebrated by the group.
No one is left behind and everyone is included. You will work to your abilities and know that Kate will get fit safely. There is no pressure and you will never have to do anything you can’t cope with. As you progress you will know how much more you can push yourself.

Many things are better shared and this can include training. It doesn’t matter that fitness levels differ, everyone is enoucouraged and everyone encourages each other. The support is a massive boost and the achievements are even better when others celebrate them too!

The main element of the session lasts about 40 minutes and differs each week to ensure variety. We finish each session with some core and stretching.

You will get fit, feel great, lose inches, have fun and make new friends ! It isn’t too late to be in the best shape of your life! Start enjoying results today